The CAWI Pairing Program

The CAWI Pairing Program aims to provide women immigrants with a short-term mentoring opportunity from a woman from their dream careers. Sign up today!

CAWI Sexual Health Campaign (CSHC)

The CSHC is a project that focuses on educational workshops, seminars, posts and other advocacy efforts to comprehensively combat the sexual health issues that many women immigrants face!

BLM Movement Art Auction Fundraiser

CAWI's BLM Art Fundraiser created and donated artwork to raise funds for the BLM movement!

 CAWI Women Leaders: A Narrative is a video series focusing on immigrant women in positions of power/leadership as well as those who have contributed to their communities. It explores their inspirations, stories, and passions.

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CAWI Language Classes

CAWI offers free-online tutoring for English and French for women immigrants across Canada! Some of our tutors who are using ZOOM to deliver these classes: Amelia Quinney (McGill University) and Manahil Fatima (University of Regina).

One of our longest standing clients is Arifa Pervais, who is a newcomer in Canada that is tackling her struggle with the language barrier.

The CAWI Sisterhood Project

The CAWI Sisterhood Project is dedicated to promoting a sense of community between women immigrants. The project offers various activities to foster inclusive relationships between women of diverse ethnicities.

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The University of British Columbia​​

Professor in charge: Alwyn Spies

Partnered with UBC’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies for a curriculum placement for two of their students through an e-learning program.

The Multi-Ethnic Student Alliance (MESA)

Tailored a panel discussion with women of colour in various different careers to offer insight for immigrant women and women of colour.

The University of Regina Student's Union

Partnering with the Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator at URSU to collaborate on a research and curriculum project for the sexual health of immigrant women.

Saskatoon Sexual Health and OUTSaskatoon

Partnering with the team to collaborate on a research and curriculum project for the sexual health of immigrant women.

Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan (SASS)

Partnered with SASS to deliver a discussion on the sexual assault/health issues in Saskatchewan with a focus on immigrant women.


Various Clinical Professionals

Partnerships and meetings with clinic professionals across Canada to provide efficient services for women immigrants. More information about these services can be found here.

McGill University Post-Doctoral Fellows

Meetings with Post-Doctoral Fellows at McGill to improve the quality of CAWI’s programs.